This year, as we get ready to sit down with friends and family for Thanksgiving, we are reminded of all the things we are grateful for. Too many to be listed for me, I’m one of the really fortunate ones. For someone else, it may be that they are grateful they can walk outside for a breath of fresh air. Or, hug a loved one that’s been away for too long. Or maybe, feel the calming weight of a blanket when they don’t know what else to do and their environment is just too much.

Often times, we don’t even realize that someone is feeling anxiety or struggling. The torment on the inside is exhausting, and many are unable to soothe themselves in these overstimulating environments without the help of tools. We now have a term for these items: Sensory Tools.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the popular ones such as fidget spinners. Every kid in America had one of these. And it works! They are soothing! There are many different types of sensory tools and at Arts for All of Northern Michigan we’re aiming to create an accessible sensory tool wall with the gifts from #GivingTuesday. This wall will include items like Noise Cancelling Headphones, Weighted Blankets, Alternative Seating, and so on…

Please watch this short video and try to imagine if this boy had on headphones to help with the sensory overload – his world would be so much more accessible!

Just imagine how a pair of Headphones could improve his environment!

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