Meet the Teaching Artists at A4A

Kat Brown

Dance & Movement

Kat (Kathi) Brown was born and educated in Texas receiving a MA in Dance with double major in Theater and Fine Arts degrees.

Thomas D'Ercole

Master Glass Craftsman

Thomas began working with glass with his dad when he was a young teenager, in the Hurleys Stained Glass Studio.

Dani Knoph

Visual Arts

Dani received a BFA from the University of Michigan and studied painting at the Glasgow School of Art.

Colleen Shull

Visual Arts

Colleen works observationally and from memory in a variety of media including painting, drawing + collage.

Kellen Blackburn


Amber Coulter

Art Journaling

Jenifer Strauss

Performance & Storytelling

Jenifer’s holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan, an elementary education degree from Western Michigan University, and a secondary education degree in Biology from Michigan State University.

Phil Wilson


For 30 years Phil has worked with porcelain as a studio potter, developing functional and decorative pottery with an emphasis on contemporary design and elegant utility. His work has been featured in galleries and art fairs around the country.

Karen Vande Kieft


Chase Hunt

Street Art

Additional Teaching Artists

Linda Bristol – Kids Yoga

Denni Don Hunting – Theatre Arts

Jerry Endres – Musician / Percussion

Kay Epple – Little Minds Yoga and Wellbeing

Chase Hunt – Creative Streetworks

Patricia Innis – Michigan Legacy Art Park

Devin Moore – Visual Arts

Clifford Ostling – Film & Photography

 ATA Martial Arts

Denise Sandor – Adaptive Yoga

Karen Vandekieft – Painting

Derek Woodruff – Floral Underground

Courtney Wiggins – Sound Therapy