Jenifer Strauss

Performance & Storytelling

Dynamic and thought provoking…engaging and enthusiastic…heart-warming and educational…Jen Strauss is a Storyteller, Speaker and Narrative Coach who uses STORY to enrich lives! Based in Traverse City, Michigan but performing nationally, Jen combines her passion for teaching and Storytelling to help educators, organizations, and individuals connect, communicate, and achieve their goals.


A former classroom teacher of ten years, Jen discovered that the human brain is hard-wired for story. People think, learn, imagine and communicate in narrative. In 1993 she left formal classroom teaching to create her business, Story Be Told and now enriches over 300 audiences and clients a year with her unique brand of energy-injected storytelling performances, workshops, and narrative coaching. Jen has been a proud Teaching Artist for Arts for All Northern Michigan since 2014 where she uses adaptive, interactive storytelling to help students of all abilities enjoy and participate in the art of Storytelling.


You can learn more about Jen and her practices on her website at: Story Be Told, Jenifer Strauss