We are excited to be participating in this year’s Swingshift and the Stars event.

Putting the fun back in fundraising, SwingShift and the Stars Dance-off For Charity provides unequalled philanthropic opportunity by creating a partnership between local charities and the community through high quality entertainment and friendly competition.

Dancing for VSA is Twenty-year-old Max Dingeman, a genuine TC native, a certified personal trainer assistant with Todd Nienhouse, owner of Agevix Specialized Exercise. Agevix operates primarily out of Premier Health and Fitness in Traverse City, where Max works with survivors of traumatic brain injuries, strokes and spinal cord injuries.

In addition, Max also works at Premier assisting members and maintaining the exercise equipment. He is also studying at NMC to become a computer whiz. With Swingshift’s help, he wants to show that disabled people can dance, too – and be good!

Max is dancing with Jennifer Howard. Jennifer loves living in Northern Michigan. She and her wonderful, supportive husband Bill have two lovely, outgoing children, Sarah and Liam.

Jennifer has been dancing for 25 years and has nineteen years of dance teaching experience, including eight years as an Associate Teacher at the Dance Center. Dancing is truly her passion and love. Besides dancing, Jennifer loves to cook, sew and spend time outdoors with her family.

She wants to be involved in her third season of SwingShift and the Stars because she loves to see how our community comes together to raise so much money. She is sure we can exceed last year’s donation amount. Plus, she thinks it is so much fun teaching someone to dance!

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