Courtney Wiggins is a woman with black short hair, wearing a gray long sleeve top and blue jeans with brown boots. She is sitting cross legged with 4 metal Himalayan singing bowls in front of her, and a small bowl resting on her head. Her hands are on her knees, open. She is sitting in the middle of a wooden bridge in the woods.

Courtney received her Vibrational Sound Therapist Certified Practitioner (VSTCP) certification in September of 2019. She is a proud graduate of the Vibrational Sound Association’s VSTCP program. Her goal is to help you find peace and relaxation through the gentle tones and soothing vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls.  The bowls are designed specifically to produce greater vibrations and resonance when used on the body. The vibrations and sound work together to entrain our brains, which can put our mind/body into a theta or even delta state – much like meditation. Relaxation is key to letting the body return to good health.