Arts for All Amazing April Auction

Join us for a week for our first ever Online Auction. 
Bidding starts on April 19th (12:15am) and ends on April 25th (7:00pm) on 32Auctions.
We have helicopter tours, local art, private classes and more!
All funds raised will go towards our scholarship program for low-income participants and providing materials for studio classes as we prepare to open our doors.
All funds raised will be matched by Real Estate One Charitable Foundation at 50%

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the money going to be put towards? 
    • Scholarship funds for low-income participants as well as materials for our summer programs and classes. 
  • When is the Auction? 
    • The Auction begins April 19th at 12:15am and ends on April 25th at 7:00pm.
  • Where is the Auction? 
    • Online! Click HERE to see what we’re auctioning off! 
  • How do I participate? 
    • Go to or use the link provided and start bidding! You will have to create an account in order to bid and 32Auctions will send you email updates in case someone outbids you on your items!
  • What’s the average cost of an Auction item? 
    • Each item is listed with its Market Value and a starting bid. To ensure that people aren’t using pennies and nickels to win 32Auctions also sets a minimum bidding increment.  
  • Do I need to be in Traverse City? 
    • Nope! Because this Auction is completely online you can participate from wherever you are.
  • How will I get my Auction Items? 
    • If you win an Auction Item we ask that you email us at to schedule a date and time to pick up your item(s)from our office. 
    • Pick up will begin Monday, May 3rd. 
    • 1129 Woodmere Ave Suite A in the TruFit Trouser Building. 
  • I want to help out but I don’t want any more stuff! 
    • There is a button on our Auction page if you’d like to make a donation without having to bid on an item. 
  • My question isn’t listed who can I contact?
    • You can contact us at 231-947-1278 or We suggest email since we may not always be at the office at the time that you call.