At-Home Art Resources & Tutorials!

Our Program Director, Melissa Johnson, will be sharing resources and tutorials for open-ended art projects for all ages and abilities. We’ll also be posting links to other businesses or organizations sharing art you can access via direct ship or at home – we’re so proud of how our community is coming together.

#QUARANTINECREATIONS - At Home Art Projects from A4A

Every few days we’ll be sharing easy tutorials for some fun, open-ended at home art projects you can try. Remember it’s important to stay creative and expressive during stressful times, so give it a try!

We’d love to see your process and your projects! Share them on social media with the hashtags: #quarantinecreations and #artsforallathome !

Junk Drawer Doodles!


Create a masterpiece from your chaos! Click the button below for the full tutorial on this easy project!

Wild Weavings

I’m finding the need to wander outside more and more these last few days. If you have kids at home, it’s nice to focus on the nature around us, while we practice our social distancing. I’ve done this project with little ones, but am always surprised how older kids enjoy creating them, too.

The beauty in these weavings are the imperfections. – Melissa Johnson, Program Director

Up Next


Community Art & Culture Resources

Here are some community partners and local artists who are getting creative to share or offer art and culture at home. We’ll indicate if this resource is free or include a $ if it’s a paid resource. Please remember how important it is to support our local artists during this time if you’re able. 

At Home DIY Art Kits from Gather Studio:
Gather would love to provide you with something to do during your downtime! She is offering $5 shipping across the country and free pickup (enter the code PICKUP at checkout), if you would like to order a kit and pick it up outside Gather! (Harbor Springs)


Community Virtual Read-Aloud with Ampersand Lettering Lab:

“If you are looking for something comforting and safe to take part in, join me this afternoon at 3PM EST via Instagram LIVE for a daily read aloud. This week we are reading Charlotte’s Web. ” – Heather Spooner


“For the next couple of weeks, on Mondays, I will be sharing some children’s craft tutorials. I will include a supply list with some alternative ideas if you don’t have all the supplies readily available at home. Follow along exactly or simply use this as an inspiration to create.” – Meaghan Keck

Pockets of Posies – PDF HERE: Birch Affair Tutorial

Up-cycled Paper Flower – PDF HERE: Birch Affair Upcycled paper flower tutorial


Free (materials not included)

Creative Projects from Crooked Tree!

Follow @crookedtreetraversecity on Instagram for creative project tutorials!

Free (materials not included)

Pottery Painting - TO GO from Handz On Art:

Paint Your Own Pottery To-Go! Purchase pottery at the studio to take home with you. Basic supplies like brushes and paint will be provided as well. Paint your pieces from the comfort of your home and return the pottery for firing at a later date when you’re finished.

Pieces start at $10 on up & the total price includes glazing and firing. Feel free to call ahead or send a message with questions. 🎨


Free Metropolitan Opera Performances!

Free Metropolitan Opera Performances!

Starting tonight, the New York institution is bringing performances to screens across the country for free with their Live in HD series. Every night until the Met Opera reopens, viewers can go to at 7:30 p.m. and watch one of the selected productions in full. 



Doodle Lessons with Mo Williams

Mo Willems invites YOU into his studio every day for his LUNCH DOODLE. Learners worldwide can draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s studio virtually once a day for the next few weeks. Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join Mo to explore ways of writing and making together.

New episodes will be posted each weekday at 1:00 p.m. ET and then remain online to be streamed afterwards.  Check back each weekday for new LUNCH DOODLES!

Read, Read, Read!

Below is a link to lots and lots of authors, book lovers, storytellers, etc. who are sharing literature virtually! Check out the many ways to engage with story!


Document & Share! Photo Club!

Michael Kent (Allen Kent Photography and creator of Our Photo Club) wanted to create something, not only unique, but something that can help us grow as creatives. So, they are going to have a weekly series of prompts – that recycle each week. Same prompts, new week. This should encourage us all to keep trying new ways to revisit the challenge.

Then post these on the facebook group with the hashtag #photoclubdaily, so we can all share in the fun (obviously we will keep the biweekly one on the insta). Plus I will be featuring one of these at random on the facebook PAGE when I can.

Create with Amber!

Join our A4A teaching artist Amber in a creative challenge!

“Ok friends. I know that I am needing a little extra inspiration during this crazy time. How about you?
For the next 14 days, I am going to use these prompts as starting points to make inspiration cards. Want to join me? I will be using playing cards, but feel free to use what you have! Index cards, paper cut down to size, magazine pages, your art journal. It will all work! I will not be spending a lot of time on these. Just working quick and making what my heart needs to hear. Please join me friends! I will be posting process shots in my stories.
Please tag me in your work and use #accdailychallenge so I can see you are making!” – Amber

Amber is showcasing her challenge on Instagram – click below to follow along.

Color your own TCWings with Ampersand Lettering Lab!

I made a free coloring sheet for you.

When I designed the #wearyouwingstc wings I intentionally made them black and white so each person could bring their own color and flair to make each photo unique.

Now, I want to see what kinds of flair you bring to them with your coloring and craft supplies!
Print this coloring sheet and fill it with colors, sequins, rhinestones, feathers, anything you want!

Once you’re finished, take a photo and share it to your story or in a post. Be sure to tag @ampersandletteringlab so I can see them! – Heather Spooner

I can’t wait to see your wings!

Art For Kids Hub!

We’ve heard lots of parents loving this resource! Here’s a bit about them:

My name is Rob, I’m married to Mrs. Hubs, and we have four kids. Their names are Jack, Hadley, Austin, and Olivia. We make art together as a family but we also love sharing it with you.

Most of our art lessons are self-contained, which means you can jump in and start drawing with us today. All you need is something to draw with, some paper, and coloring supplies!