ACCESS is a monthly arts or cultural program, provided by A4A, for individuals with disabilities, their families, and peers. All programs are designed to be accessible and adaptive. Additionally, we host quarterly dances at the Elk’s Lodge in Traverse City, MI.

ACCESS is generously supported by the Richard J. and Francis B. Swiat Foundation.

All dances are held at the Elk’s Lodge @ 625 Bay St. in Traverse City from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
$5 per person – 16 years and older
Doors OPEN at 6:15 – Please allow our volunteers time to arrive and setup to be prepared for check in. A4A provides volunteer supervision but no personal care, transportation, or individual supervision is provided.

2020 Dance Schedule:

Jan. 9th – New Year’s Dance!
Feb. 13th – Valentine’s!
April 16th – Spring Dance!
July 23rd – Summer Dance!
October 22nd – Halloween Dance!

We are so excited to have Jen in our studio! Jen will be joined by an ASL Interpreter to ensure accessibility for all to our stories!

We have NOT received any registrations for individuals requiring ASL interpreter services for Saturday’s ACCESS so those will no longer be part of the workshop. If you’d like to attend ANY of our events and require ASL Interpreter services, please RSVP and let us know so we can provide those for you.
Thank you!