Meet the Team!

Grace Hudson

Executive Director

Grace brings a diverse set of experiences to the Arts for All team. With a B.S. in General and Special Education, as well as a concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages, from Huntington University, Grace has a passion for education, art, and individuals with disabilities. Grace has spent time in various classroom settings working with students of all ages and abilities, and believes that our community thrives when we embrace our differences.

Grace is also an artist herself, specializing in portrait and lifestyle photography, but a lover of experimenting and collecting any kind of art she can get her hands on. Grace loves that she can combine her passion for promoting inclusion and adaptive opportunities, as well as her passion for arts and culture in a position that is making a difference in her own community.

Melissa Johnson

Program Director

Melissa recently joined the staff at Arts for All, after serving as Executive Director for Blackbird Arts for seven years. She holds a BS and MA in Anthropology from Loyola University and the University of Illinois-Chicago and spent 10 years in archaeology and cross-cultural studies. While working as an exhibit developer/writer for The Field Museum, she found herself in city classrooms and fell in love with teaching and the power of communal learning. She was introduced to the Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE) program pursued a Masters in Education at DePaul University. She has spent the last 15 years teaching and integrating the arts into people’s lives and exploring how the arts strengthen communities. She has been committed to inclusive arts education and in finding new ways to engage the community through the arts.

Willow Myles - Nuffer

Controller & Marketing

Willow wants to live in a world where books replace movies, bikes replace cars, no one uses single use plastic, and children are encouraged to be their best version of themselves in a safe environment. 

With a marketing and bookkeeping background dating back to… Well, we’ll let you guess. She’s successfully assisted companies in finding their online presence for years all while analyzing the numbers that always have a factual story to tell. 

When she’s not at Arts for All of Northern Michigan you can find her hiking with her children and loving the Northern Michigan scene. 

Brittany DeFilippo

Media Designer

Brittany holds a degree in Visual Communications and loves working in a world where people can express themselves through multiple artistic avenues. She specializes in print & web design, branding, social media, and photography.

Originally from California, Brittany now resides in beautiful Northern Michigan. She enjoys going on hikes with her dog, biking around town, taking on too many art projects and traveling the world.